Monday, April 5, 2010

Today's post has been brought to you by CANDY!!!

Or, "Nan-nee" as Colin would say it! The Gesch household has been infultrated by Easter candy this week. Colin asks for it first thing in the morning and doesnt stop thinking about it until he goes to bed at night. He actually probably dreams about it too!
The reason we have so much candy might be directly related to the fact that we went to THREE Easter Egg hunts this week!

First we had Chris's squadron Easter Party. There was a lot food, fun, a photo op....and an egg hunt! Colin was in the first group to go with all the little kids. It was first time he participated in a real egg hunt, but he had a lot of pracitice and coaching from his big brother at home ahead of time.
Off he goes!

He liked to inspect each one and check out what was inside before he put them in his basket...makes for a slow hunt, but he had a good time!

Gehrig's turn...Gerhig was in the 4 and older group!

On your mak....Get set....


I didn't get too many of Gehrig because he was too quick!

The boys after the you can see, Colin has already started to enjoy some of his loot!
I am just including this picture so that you can see how TERRIBLY windy it was that day! We were supposed to have a bouncey house, but we decided that it wasnt such a good idea!
They had a prize drawing. Colin picked a puzzle and sidewalk chalk.
And Gehrig picked a frisbee and sidewalk chalk!
I have been so impressed with local library here in Clovis. Each Wednesday, Miss Crissie holds a storytime for the little ones. In addition to story time this week, she held a practice Easter egg hunt. Each of the little ones decorated their own Easter bag with crayons and stickers. Then Miss Crissie put some Easter grass in the bottom of it.

Colin's decorated Easter bag

After decorating their bags and leaving them on the table, they went out into the childrens' section of the library to hunt for eggs. Colin only found one, but he was fine with that

He would rather look at the fish anyway!When they finished the hunt and got back to the room they found that a little surprise treat had been left in their bags. Of course, it was none other than......CANDY!!!

After waiting in line so patiently, he finally "claimed" his cupcake by sticking his finger in the frosting! That's one way to make sure you get what you want!

Our final egg hunt took place at the Hillcrest Zoo her in Clovis, and let me tell you, everyone and their grandmother was there!
They had the kids surround the grassy area where the eggs where hid.

Waiting is so hard!
I got a few shots of Colin, but it was such total mass chaos, that I didnt even see Gehrig go (Chris had his eyeballs on him though).
The hunt literally took less than a minute!
I wanted to get a cute picture of the two of them, but all I could get was the tops of their heads because they couldnt resist checking out their eggs. Inside they found plastic animals, animal tatoos, jelly bracelets, tops, and, yes, MORE CANDY!

As we sat their enjoy the beautiful day, a reporter from the Clovis New Journal came by and interviewed Gehrig. She said that the interview would be on their website that evening, but we have yet to find it.
For some reason, I can see a career with the microphone in his future.


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