Friday, June 26, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

During out last free weekend before Chris headed back to training, we took the boys to the Las Vegas Strip (during the day of course) to check out some of the sights!

Of course we had to have our picture taken in front of the famous, "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. Did you know that there is a guy that stays there all day and will take your picture for you??? I had no idea. He works for tips, but I am sure that he makes pretty good money!

First we saw the Venetian. What a gorgeous hotel and casino! Here we are in front of the Grand Canal!

Gehrig loved watching the gondolas float by. He wanted a ride on one so badly. Hopefully we can go back sometime before we leave and get him a ride!

This is a real person, not a statue. I just had to have my picture taken with him (or her????)

Here I am in front of Serendipity 3 Cafe. I have always wanted to have a frozen hot chocolate at the famous Serendipity 3 Cafe in NYC. Serendipity, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, is one of my favorite movies! We didn't go in this time, but next time I hope to slip in at least long enough to enjoy a frozen hot chocolate!

Here are the boys in front of Paris!Our next stop was the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, famous for its fountains. The "water show," as Gehrig called it, was an amazing display of water choreographed perfectly to music! In our case, the complex water feature was set to "All that Jazz" one of the many excellent songs from my other favorite movie, Chicago!

Even the boys were mesmerized!

Colin loved the fountain!

My boys in front of Hard Rock! Gehrig especially thought that the humongous guitar was cool!Our next stop was New York, New York, a hotel and casino designed to look exactly like the NYC skyline, complete with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. There is even a roller coaster that roars through the casino. Chris's mom and Aunt Jo took a ride on it for their 50th birthday! What a fun way to celebrate!

Once inside, we all enjoyed some New York style pizza...what else????Inside one of the deli cases was this tiramasu dessert! Oh I will be coming back for some soon! Our last stop was M & M world! I thought that I was in heaven, and so did Gehrig. There were four floors of M & Ms and M & M paraphernalia!

Being in Vegas, I thought that a sexy new nightie was in order...Just kidding!

We let Gehrig get some M &Ms.

Of all the brightly colored M & Ms he could chose from, he chose black, silver and white! Funny boy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have a new button on my sidebar because.......

Can you tell that I am excited? (and honored, of course). Shannon has the absolute cutest parties featured over there daily. So, go check out Colin's party and browse all the others amazing parties too! I promise that you will be impressed!!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Unfortunately Chris had to return to work yesterday. It is really too bad that he has to work for a living, because we had such a blast as a family spending time together for the last 3 1/2 weeks. Too bad we can't just win the lottery and hang out like this as a family everyday! Here is a BUNCH of pictures that show the fun that we have been up to!

Playing baseball in the backyard!!!

Cruising in the Viper

Hanging out on Daddy on his tailgate enjoy the gorgeous sunset!

And that was just the first afternoon! The next day we went to the Titan Missile Museum with Mr. Rob and Mr. Steve!

We spent a lot of time at the pool, too!

Silly Gehrig in Colin's float!

Taxi rides!UP......
....AND AWAY!!!!!!

Gehrig and Daddy built some really awesome couch forts!!!

We took a few family runs around our beautiful lake!
Gehrig loves getting snow cones at the clubhouse!
Colin and Gehrig loved family bike rides in the trailer, especially when we rode to the playground or to get ice cream!I'm not sure who enjoyed the batting cage more, Gehrig or Daddy!?

We went to the movies and saw Nim's Island all together. Chris also took Gehrig to see Up in 3-D!

Check out these Super Heroes!

They had a "super hero duel!"We all went to the Tucson Children's Museum for Wyatt's birthday party!And we figured that a trip to Chuck E. Cheese was in order!A day at the park in Las Vegas! We spent our last "work free" weekend in Las Vegas touring the strip!

Phew! I am exhausted from posting all that! It sure was a fun few weeks, but it definitely went by too fast!