Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some last minute good-byes and an unplanned good-bye

Even though we technically aren't moving until sometime after September, we have spent the last few days saying good-bye to friends since we are headed off to Vegas tomorrow. We have no idea how long we will back in Tucson for before we move to New Mexico.
Last week we met up with a bunch of friends from the Mom's Meet Up group to celebrate the June birthdays.
Wyatt, Trenton and Gehrig after enjoying some swimming and cupcakes.
This week we spent an afternoon at Gehrig's best buddy Tyler's house playing in their wading pool in the backyard. They had a high ol' time dumping water on each other......and on themselves! Even Kadi got into the silliness! Gehrig sure is going to miss his best buddy!Then yesterday, I met up with a few of my friends and their kiddos at Sertino's for coffee and pastries to have one last get together before we left.
Gehrig giving his mama some love before Sertino's!
The boys (Trenton, Tristan, Wyatt, Gehrig and Tyler) had their own table so that we could talk.
Joanna (and baby Max), me Dawn and Ginger! See you ladies in September. I will miss you!
And then there was one good-bye that we weren't quite expecting to have to say. The plan was for us all to leave together today to buy the new car up in Phoenix on our way out, but, because the silly check hasn't cleared, we can't purchase it yet. UGH! So frustrating. Since Chris has to be at work in Vegas tomorrow, he went on ahead and the boys and I will leave first thing in the morning, stopping in Phoenix to pick up the car and then continue on to Las Vegas.
The truck was all packed up...I see two little stow-aways!
GOING........ ...GOING....

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