Friday, June 19, 2009

Settling In and Exploring

Well, let's just say that I have never been so excited to see the lights of Vegas as I was last night at midnight! The boys and I had been on the road since 8:30 that morning, spent time at the bank, at the dealership, at the DMV (need I say more?) and then took a couple of "misturns," one of which led us to California.
But anyway, we did finally arrive safe and sound, and my sweet husband had done the grocery shopping, unpacked the set up all the boys clothes, set up the bed and night lights and millions of other things, so that I wouldn't have to! Such a keeper!!!!!
This morning we decided to explore the parks and playgrounds that are near our house.
This play ground is within walking distance from the house. Another mom happened to be there and was explaining to me how to turn the water on in the splash park. She said that you do have to be careful, as it can get a little intense. I had to laugh (in my head of course) because I can not imagine these little yellow buckets coming anywhere near the intensity of our splash park water bucket at home!

Next we came across a gorgeous state park with grass, trees and a lake (can you tell we are from Arizona?). The park had stables that offered horse back riding and pony rides, fishing, tons of picnic area and even skeet shooting.

Then we drove about 2 miles from our house and found tons of little parks and playgrounds, all equipped with little splash parks for the kids. Here is the one that we decided to play at for a while! Gehrig and Colin had so much fun. I have a feeling that we will be coming back quite a bit during our three month stay!

Also, our new home is with in walking distance from a cute little shopping area, The Montecito Marketplace, which includes shops and restaurants like TJMaxx, Starbucks, Johhny Carinos, Chipotle, a Dunkin Donuts (yay!!!!) a Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt, and Sammy's Woodfired Pizza where we ate dinner tonight.

After our delicious dinner, we headed home and relaxed in our hot tub. After Chris snapped this picture, Gehrig sighed and said, "This is delightful." I couldn't agree with him more!


wareagle said...

So glad you all arrived safely after your interesting trip! Looks like there will be lots to do for everyone in Las Vegas. Can't wait to come see you! Love, Grandma Joan

Angie said...

Jen, the house looks amazing and I have kitchen envy for sure! I love the splash park comparison - boy do I miss that place! Sounds like you guys are doing well! Miss you!