Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today is a very special day

And not just because it is Flag Day, but because it is Grandma Joan's birthday AND Aunt Jo's birthday too! We want to wish you both a very special birthday. We hope that you are having great days and that you are spending it with very special people. We know that Grandma Joan is. She is spending the day with Aunt Kelly and her precious new granddaughter, Allie!!!!!

For her birthday, we made Grandma Joan a gift. Since she had been to Serendipity 3 in NYC with Aunt Kelly a couple of years back, we thought that it would be nice if she could enjoy some of that yummy, famous Frozen Hot Chocolate again while watching the adorable, romantic comedy named after the famous cafe, Serendipity! I got the idea for the Frozen Hot Chocolate Cones from Tip Junkie!

The Top Five Reasons why Gehrig Loves his Grandma Joan (written by Gehrig)

1. She took me to Sea World and the Rodeo

2. She made me special waffles when I came to visit

3. She plays soccer in the backyard with me

4. She took me to feed pancakes to the turtles

5. She gives me HUGS!!!!!

We love you! Have a wonderful birthday Grandma Joan!!!


It's a "Grand" Time for the Geschs! said...

OH MY!! How sweet and special to get a wonderful birthday wish from my best boy! I love you Gehrig!! Grandma Joan

Amy said...

YUMMY-I love Serendipity!!