Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a little fish!!

Swimming lessons are going "swimmingly," as Gehrig's Grandpa Dub would say. I am so proud of him for always being willing to try new things and giving it his all!!! On the first day, on more than one occasion, he turned around and flashed me the "thumbs up" sign. I knew that everything would be fine!

I signed him up for the Pike's class at the YMCA, a two week course that meets every morning (Monday - Thursday for 2 weeks). On the first day, they talked about pool rules, learned to kick with their legs straight and how to "bob" (put their heads under water and blow bubbles out their nose). One day 2 they learned to use "big arms" and "ice cream scoop hands," and they played a cute game called, "Speckled Frog!"

His instructors are Erica and Emily, two cute life guards, who are wonderful and patient with the kids!!! They asked each swimmer what they wanted to learn in swimming class, and when it came time for Gehrig's answer, he said that he wanted to learn, "some really cool spin moves!" I am not sure that he will be learning an cool spin moves, but he really does seem to be learning a lot about swimming!
After class today, one of his instructors told me that she really appreciates how well Gehrig listens! What a way to make Mommy proud!!!!

Practicing kicking! Splash splash!

After he jumped in and she caught him, he just looked up at her with stars in his eyes!!!!

And, since it was a 4-day weekend, Daddy was there to see the whole thing!



wareagle said...

Gehrig!!! We are so proud of you and cant wait to come see you swim!! Keep up the good work.... Love, Grandma Joan and Grandpa Dub

Amy said...

that is awesome-Way to go Gehrig!!!

The Phillips Family said...

I saw your blog featuring your sons first birthday party. I am doing the same theme and finding no luck on the whale plate front. Do you have any ideas?