Monday, July 6, 2009

What a weekend!

Chris had a 4-day weekend, and we packed as much fun into it as we could!!!!
Friday morning we woke up and headed to Einstien's Bagel and got breakfast and took it to the park!

Later that night, we got a baby-sitter for the boys and headed down town to Fremont Street with some friends. We were very excited since we rarely get out with out the boys!Out under the lights on Fremont Street!I was so excited to find a Dunkin Donuts in the casino!!!I hit the Jackpot! $50 in the nickel slots! WooHoo!
Sunday we did some grocery shopping to get ready for our BBQ and then headed to Alliante Station for some amazing fireworks.

Here are the boys in their patriotic outfits!
I had a new outfit too! I made this shirt for my husband! It said, "My hero wears combat boots." Thanks so much to all those who are currently serving and have served this great nation of ours!!!!

Waiting for the fireworks!

Jenn, Rob, Chris, Colin, Gehrig and Jennifer waiting for the fireworks to start!

I wasn't sure how Colin would do with the fireworks, but he did great! He did look a little bewildered, and his eyes were as big as saucers, but he alsp did a lot of pointing and never took his eyes off of the sky! Sunday we had a really fun BBQ at our house with the guys from Chris's training and their significant others and friends!

Making s'mores!!!

Monday Gehrig has his first swimming lesson! The little fish did great. We spent the rest of the day eating the tons of left over food that has taken over our fridge from the party!


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