Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Family is Expanding

Yes, our family is going to grow here in 9 short months...but it is not me who is pregnant (thank goodness because I have all the blessings I can handle right now with my two precious boys). No, it is my brother, Greg, and my sister-in-law, Sarah, who are expecting their first little one in early June. I can not wait to be an auntie again and for the boys to have another cousin! Greg and Sarah are going to make such wonderful parents and little Poppyseed is so lucky to have them as his/her parents!
We have known for a while, but they announced it publicaly at a squadron party to which they wore t-shirts proclaiming the exciting news.

Greg's says "Baby Daddy" and Sarah's says "Baby makes the Belly go Round!!! Congratualtions to the Mommy and Daddy-to-be!!!!

If you would like to follow their lives and pregnancy, the link to their blog is


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Katie said...

i was surprised when i read the news.... until i read more closely! congrats on being an aunt!