Saturday, October 31, 2009

Apple Annie's Pumpkin Patch--A Family Tradition

We arrived back home in Arizona the day after Chris' graution, intending to spend a little over a month at home, organizing and packing in anticipation for our impending move. However, our plans were suddenly changed when our property management company called to inform us that they had found renters for our house and that they wanted to move in right away! So, we arranged for the packers to come that week and got busy getting everything ready. We also wanted to make the most of our dwindling time in Arizona saying good-bye to close friends and revisiting places that hold special places in our hearts!
One of our favorite family traditions, one that Gehrig talks about all year long, is to make the one and a half hour drive east to Apple Annie's Pumpkin Patch in Wilcox , Arizona. Each year we take a family picture in front of the pumpkin display, visit the sun flower fields, play in the corn kernals, ride the tractor-pulled hay-ride out to the patch, and select and pick our very own pumpkin.
I know that there are tons of pictures in this post, but I happen to think that these two little blue-eyed blessings are the cutest things on earth!!!

The sunflowers were gorgeous and went on as far as the eye could see!

One of the major highlights of the pumkin patch is playing in the troughs of corn kernals!

Our family in front of the vast sunflower field.

Heading out to the patch in the pumpkin wagon.
Searching for the perfect pumpkin. We couldn't get a ginormous one like last year, since we would be moving in a week, so we needed to find a small, small simple one that would look nice on the porch for a few day!

Gehrig and Chris always cut the won't be long before Colin can participate, too!

Showing off his find

Heading home with our prize pumpkins!


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