Friday, October 30, 2009

It's been a while!

So, let's get caught up! It has been a fun and crazy three months since I have last posted! Sorry about the sudden hault in updates!

After Tyler and his family left, I kicked it into high gear planning Chris' 30th birthday. He told me under no circumstance was I to throw him a party, but I wasn't going to let the big day go by with out some major acknowledgement. I think that it was a birthday that Chris will remember for the rest of his life! To see all the pictures from the day, check out this Facebook album here.

We didn't want our time in Vegas to come to a close with out taking advantage of the fact that we were only a short drive from San Diego. We decided to spend a long weekend there in a beach vavcation rental, and it was wonderful little get-a-way. We spent some time at the beach, Sea World, the world famous San Diego Zoo, and even took a boat cruise!

We even met up with Tyler and his family during their 10 day California vacation! That same night we took a boat cruise around the sanDiego Bay with the Bunnows! The San Diego Zoo was amazing! All the hype is true! All the animals were out and active!
For Chris' birthday his sister and brother-in-law gave him a gift card to experience the zip-lines at Boot Leg Canyons! We met him at the last line to take pictures! He had a blast!

Afterwards, Chris and Rob rode the famous mountain biking trails there!
Most importantly, Chirs graduated from the BETA program after nine months of training, 3 different cities, and 5 different bases! My parents and Chris' dad came to support him at his grauation and watch him receive his brand new wings! We were ALL so proud!

The boys were extremely well-behaved during the ceremony!
Our family after the ceremony. Chris sporting his new wings!
The Predator

Our family with the Chief of Staff, General Norman Schwartz, after he spoke at Chris' graduation!
Rob and Jenn McGowan, one of the wonderful couples that we became friends with over the last 9 months.
The whole BETA gang with their wives/fiances/girlfriends at the party after the graduation!
We spent that night packing up and left the next day and headed back to Arizona! It was a TDY
that we will not soon forget!!!!!


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