Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tyler's Visit Day Three and the Adults' Night Out!!!

On Day Three we "hit the strip!" We also added another member to our motley crew, Tyler and Kadi's dad, Mr. Marc. Poor Marc. He had to experience the picture taking fury of Dawn and me. He says that we need a detox program for people who take too many pictures! Oh well...the way I see it, we are preserving precious memories!!! Enjoy!

We always take our visitors to "the sign" to snap a family picture.

Chris and I were laughing and saying that when Gehrig and Tyler are 21 and they come to Vegas on their own, they will really get a kick out of this picture!One of the things that Gehrig has really been wanting to do ever since we got here, was the ride the gondola through the Grand Canal at the Venetian! Well, he finally got the opportunity to do it, and with his best friend, no less.

Waiting in line....they were so excited!Poor Colin had to sit this one out. He didn't seem to mind. He took a little snack break!And they are off!!! Of course I followed them around snapping their pictures!
They loved going under all the bridges.I snapped this one as they came out from under the bridge and the gondolier flashed a big wave!Here they come!The gondolier sang them an Italian opera, and then he sang them another one because he said that Kadi was soooo cute!The professional pictures came out so cute. Of course, I had to buy the whole package. I bought one of Tyler and Gehrig, one of Kadi and Dawn and then the group shot. I was disappointed that they came out so fuzzy when they printed them up!
All ready to head out and see some sights!
The BOB Stroller is a challenge to hold onto these things when going down the downhill people mover!
A few pics in front of one of the gorgeous fountains outside of the Venetian.

Next we headed over to Treasure Island to check out the pirate ship. At nigh,t they have live shows there.
After that, we headed to the Bellagio to check out their gorgeous indoor gardens. We snapped some really cute pictures of the Bunnow family there!

After checking out the inside of the Belagio, we took the Bunnows to check out the famous fountains of the Bellagio outside!

Waiting for the fountain to start up! Still waiting!

By the time that we got to Serendipity Cafe for lunch, it was late and we had been going all morning, but the kids were still doing great.

I love this shot of them waiting patiently for our table!

Check out the size of this hot dog!!! We thought that Grandpa Dub would especially appreciate this picture. Gehrig and Colin shared this dog and, of course, still didn't finish it!!!

Mmmmmm! I have been waiting for my first taste of Frozen Hot Chocolate ever since the day we arrived here, and I finally got it!

The adults even got to have a fun night out all together. First we hit up New York New York and rode the rollar coaster. Then we gave Dawn and Marc craps lessons before heading to the Rain Forest Cafe in the MGM Grand for dinner.

Here are a couple of shots of us waiting in line at the coaster.

A couple of Land Sharks! Dinner at The Rain Forest Cafe in the MGM Grand!
Such a fun place with a great atmosphere!
The guys were no where to be found, so we took this picture with my timer in my camera! Then we hit up the craps table again, and for the first time since we have been here, I actually did not walk away a winner. Oh well!

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