Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tyler's Visit Day One!!!

I know that everyone's been waiting to see the pictures of Tyler's visit. Between Dawn and me, we took over 800 pictures over the course of 5 days. Don't worry, I wont post all of them on here. But, since I have so many to share, I am breaking the posts down into days. So, grab a cup of coffee or diet coke, get comfy and enjoy the pictures from Day One!
On our first full day together, we started out early. We stopped off at Einstien's Bagels and got our breakfast to go and took it to Butterfly Park! The kids had a blast and were all over the place; the slides, the swings, the playground equipment, and the splash pad!
Eating bagels at the toad stool tables! YUM!

Doesn't she look like she has wings???
Colin knows that it is so important to stay hydrated! He loves his water bottle!

While Colin napped, the big kids helped us prepare a special dessert for after dinner...although, I think that there was more finger/spatula/beater licking going on than helping!

After lunch, we headed down to Mandalay Bay to check out the Shark Reef, an impressive aquarium dedicated to featuring the predators of the open waters!

The kids are standing in front of a projected image that ripples when you move. Pretty impressive that we were able to get four kids to stand still enough to preserve the image and all look at the camera all at the same time!

The aquarium provided us with devices that had audio which explained each exibit. The big boys loved it and were spouting facts at us through out the trip!

The little boy seemed to love it too!

We tried to touch the sting rays....however, they seemed to be laying low that day.
After dinner, the kids enjoyed their watermelon popsilce masterpieces on the back patio! It was a perfect ending to the perfect day!
Thanks for looking! Check back tomorrow for pictures of our exciting Day Two!


Katie said...

looks like fun..... tate has the same swim trunks as your boys do. what are the watermelon popsicles made out of? they look good and are sooo cute!

wareagle said...

It looks like you had a great time with Tyler and family.... can't wait to see more pics!! Love, Grandma Joan