Monday, August 3, 2009

Shhhhhh.....It's a surprise!

We have been having a great time making new friends here in Las vegas, but Gehrig has been missing his friends at home, especially his "best buddy," Tyler.
Tyler's mom, my friend Dawn, and I have been planning a surprise visit, and I am so excited to see the look on Gehrig's face when he opens the front door on Wednesday afternoon and sees his best buddy standing there! What a fun trip it is going to be!

At 18 months old, Gehrig and Tyler met in a play group and have been friends ever since!

Can't wait to see you Tyler (and Kadi, too, of course)!



wareagle said...

Oh I know Gehrig will be so excited!! Can't wait to hear all about it.... have fun! Love, Grandma Joan

Katie said...

that is sooo going to be fun for all of you. such cute pics!

Angie said...

So was he surprised???

Michelle said...

Awww, what adorable pictures of the boys!