Thursday, January 21, 2010

Help for Haiti

It is very inspiring for me to see the many different, creative ways that people are rallying together to offer hope and help for Haiti.
Gehrig's school, Clovis Christian School, is raising money to send to the earth-quake stricken nation. One day last week, as Gehrig and I were cuddling before bed, he told me about what he had learned at school about the disaster. He told me about the pictures his teacher had shown his class, about how people had died and how many others were left without food, clean water, or homes. We talked about the victims that were still trapped in the rubble and how important it is to pray for them. Since he wanted to help, we talked about ways he could earn money at home to take into school. We decided that for each chore he did at home, he would earn a dollar, and, that for every dollar he earned, mommy and daddy would match that with $5. For the last week and half Gehrig has been working so diligently making his bed, setting the table, cleaning his room, and cleaning the playroom to earn his dollars! He has also become quite the little prayer warrior for Haiti too, lifting the victims up in prayer at dinner and before bed EVERY night.

In connection with his company, United Airlines, Gehrig's Grandpa Jerry is currently in Haiti, delivering people and supplies to aid the country. Gehrig is very worried that the earthquake is going to "get" you, Dad, so please call us as soon as you arrive safely home!



Jo Marie said...

You are such a sweet little fellow, Gehrig! I know your mommy and daddy are so proud of how thoughtful and caring you are! Love you! Aunt Jo

colgesch said... are the man! We'll match your dollars with $5 as well! Dub :)