Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Review

Last weekend the weather was so beatiful, so we headed to the park to feed the ducks! We fed them Cheez-Its because we ran out of bread.I don't know why, but Gehrig kept calling this duck "Grandpa." What do you think Dub and Jerry, does it look like you????? Gehrig and daddy also went golfing last weekend!
Daddy's Little Caddie!
Poor kid is using a right handed club...don't tell him, but we got him a set of left-handed clubs for his birthday!!!

That was last weekend! This was this weekend.
All Colin wanted to do was eat the snow!
Gehrig's favorite thing to do in the snow...make snow angels!

Poor Ramona wasa covered in a thick layer of ice!

After all that cold fun, we came in for some of Grandma Carole's famous hot chocolate!Drinking hot chocolate from the Snoopy mug that I used to drink from when I was little. Hot chocolate mustache!

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colgesch said...

Did the grandpa duck have a "fowl" politically incorrect quack?? Hmmmmm.