Monday, May 24, 2010

Kindergarten....Here we come!!!!

Well, here he is!!! My little preschool graduate!!!!
Every year growing up, my mom would take pictures on the first and last day of school, so I am continuing the tradition. See posts here and here. One with Colin, too!!! That morning, to celebrate their preschool graduation, Gehrig's class had a pancake breakfast!

Colin shoving pancakes into his face! It does my heart good to see this child eat!
I swear, Colin thinks that he is part of the class.
I made clip boards for Ms. Cato and Mrs. Holt for end of the year gifts to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication to our little ones.
Front Back
Last week, to celebrate the end of the year, Gehrig's school had "Fun in the Sun" day! It was really similar to the field day we used to have when I was growing up. His class went around to various stations participating in fun activities, games, and relays. Another mom and I were in charge of the Balloon Pop station, so I didnt get pictures of all his whole afternoon, but here is what I did get.
Doing the Limbo in the gym...looks like his neck is broken!!
At one station, they had their faces painted and Gehrig chose to have a bat and baseball. Big shocker there!!! Inflatable slip and slide!!! I think that his favorite station was the watergun station. All the moms that were out on the battle field trying to take pictures got soaken wet!!!
I bought a some cheapie guns to have for extras...Colin loved them! Plotting his next move???? Riding the train with his 4th grade buddy.
A little break for a Freezey Pop!
Of course, Colin got in on the Freezy Pop action! One of the stations was a hair spray station.
Gehrig chose to have his hair sprayed red, orange and silver!
The bouncey houses were HUGE hits with the preschoolers!
And, of course, he had to show me how he had mastered the monkey bars!
Time sure is flying by! I truly can not believe that my little guy is headed for Kindergarten in the fall. We have decided to keep him at the Christian school. We just love his precious, little school, and ,Mrs. Curry, the teacher that he will have for kindergarten is PHENOMINAL!!!!!! Until then, we are ready to have a blast this summer!!!!


Sharon Summerlin said...

Glad they will be in Kindergarten together again. I love the clipboards.

Melissa said...

I love the clipboards too. How did you make them...scrapbook paper and mod podge?? I really like! :)
That's great that he'll be at the same school next year!

Rebecca said...

Good Luck in Kindergarten Gehrig! Love the clipboards! I was reading the blog and Henry was yelling "that's Gehrig and Colin, can we play with them?" So we will have to get together soon!