Monday, August 23, 2010

Colin's First Day of "School"

Well, it was really Mommy's Day Out, but we called it school at our house! Colin was so excited he was running around the house all morning repeating, "It's my first day of school! It's my first day of school!" Of course, I had to serve him his breakfast on the red "You are special today" plate that his brother ate off of last week on his first day of kindergarten.
He wore his backpack all morning, even while eating his breakfast! He was soooo excited

The obligatory "first day of school" pictures on the front porch!
Look at my big boy!

Outside the front door of the church where Mommy's Day Out is held!
Posing in front of the class bulletin board in beside his new classroom! He was so engrossed in playing "race cars," he didn't care that I was leaving. Mr. Independent!!
When I picked him up 3 hours later, he was playing outside and proudly sporting the new crown that he made that morning!
Looks like he had a great day! So did Mommy, but I must say, the three hours just flew by!

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Sharon Summerlin said...

So cute Jen, he lines the cars up just like Evan. Do a full day you deserve it. Where can I get one of those plates. I love it.