Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Color Factory!

This morning we went to The Color Factory with my MOPS group. The Color Factory is a pottery studio in down town Clovis (yes, Clovis has a down town) where the kids can chose from a variety of pieces, paint them and then the studio fires and seals them. I left the smart card to my camera at home, so I am very thankful that my friend Ree snapped some pictures of Colin for me.
Colin chose a mug that said "DAD" on it. (Shhhhh...don't tell, but we are going to give it to him for Father's Day...maybe he will forget by June.) He got right to work painting the outside and the inside of the mug! Not sure if he got more paint on the mug or on his shirt. Oh well, the gentleman working at the studio assured me that the paint comes out of clothes.
It was messy, but fun! The finished masterpiece...well almost. We had to leave it there to be fired in the kiln. It will be ready for pick up on Saturday



Rebecca said...

Colin had so much fun! I hope the paint comes out but if not it was definitely worth it!

wareagle said...

SO Sweet! His Dad will LOVE it... and looks like Colin loved it too!

Katie said...

when i met you, colin was the baby buckled into his carrier, while you were helping gherig at mom's group activities.... time flies!!!!

Lisa said...

He is just too cute!

On a side note...are you growing your hair out? It's hard to see the back.