Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Journey to See the Easter Bunny

So, apparently the mall here in Clovis has decided not to have the Easter Bunny this year. So, we had to make a two-hour trek to the mall in Lubbock just to see him! I was so disappointed in the Easter Bunny there. He (or she) just sat there, obviously annoyed that he (or she) was in a bunny suit. There was hardly any interaction with the boys at all! I asked if I could take my own picture with my camera since I was planning on purchasing a picture from them anyway, and they refused to let me! So, two hours and $20 later, this is what I got! I was thoroughly annoyed, but the boys love it and had a great time, so that is all that matters. You may notice that there is an extra person in the photo this year. I was so nervous that Colin was going to be upset, so we eased up their slowly...talked to the bunny, patted the bunny, but when I asked Colin if he wanted to sit on the bunny's lap, he shook his head. I didn't want to push it, so I had him sit on my lap. After all the effort, I certainly didn't want a picture of him in tears!
After that, I took the liberty of taking pictures of the boys in front of their "Spring set."



Sharon Summerlin said...

To bad you didn't get the notice from your Mops group a day earlier. So sad the bunny was mean. We had a Santa like that once. I was so mad. At least the kids enjoyed it and everyone is smiling in the picture. The things we do to make our kids happy.

Rebecca said...

Great pic though, ours is missing one person and not the person I thought it would be...Henry absolutely refused. oh well...I was disappointed as well...last year the bunny here gave ears, let us take pics, and I only wanted the 5x7 but had to get two sheets for the $20 what a rip...