Monday, March 1, 2010

Health and Hygiene

Busy, busy day today! This morning Gehrig had his 5 year old well-kid check.
Here he is getting weighed and measured! He was in the 50% for height and the 25% for weight! Momma was just happy that he was still on the charts! They checked his blood pressure and the oxygen in his blood.
They checked his eye-sight. This was the practice round with the shapes, and then they made him go to the back of a long hallway and read off the letters. He did great! 20/20 vision!
Waiting for the pediatrician to come on and check him. She thought that he looked perfect and gave him a clean bill of health. And, he didn't have to have any immunizations. Turns out that he is all caught up on shots until he is 11!
In addition to his doctor's appointment, Gehrig also had a dentist appointment as well. He got to wear these cool shades to keep the bright light out of his eyes.
The hygienist cleaned his teeth with bubble gum flavored paste.
All clean! Check out those pearly whites!!!The dentist said to go ahead and start flossing! So, we will be working on that. It should be interesting

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Lisa said...

He sounds perfect!! Our boys have been flossing for a while, well, when I remember to do it. LOL We bought those little pick things that have about a one inch piece of floss attached to the end. Does that make sense? They are in neon colors so the boys love them.