Sunday, February 28, 2010

"I Built It" Project Day at Lowe's

This weekend we went to Lowe's for the "Build and Grow Kids' Clinic!" The boys, including Daddy, had such a great time building the "Lowebot," a car that transforms into a robot!
The boys recieved aprons (that they got to keep), a hammer, and a kit with supplies and instructions! We found a spot in the lumber section and set out to work building. Colin wasn't much help, but he sure was ADORABLE in his little apron! Just getting started!
Working hard.......but having a great time! Hammer! Hammer!Break time for a photo op!
Helping Daddy with the directions!
The carpenters and their finished product!Colin was very impressed with the handy work!

They even received a certificate and a patch that can be sewn onto their apron. I am so glad that I got a sewing machine for Christmas for such occasions.


wareagle said...

YAY for the Gesch Boys!! Looks like you all had fun!

Rebecca said...

Great job guys!! Love that the hammer is a blur in the pic with Gehrig and Colin is just too cute! :)

Lisa said...

I keep meaning to take the boys to do that either at Lowes or Home Depot. Looks like all of your boys had a great time!