Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A super Super Mario Birthday Party!

This past weekend we celebrated Gehrig's 5th birthday with a party with his preschool friends!
Here is the invitation that we sent out. Since Gehrig was Mario for Halloween, I included a picture of him in his costume on the invitation that I made on my computer. Due to the large number of invitees, we decided to hold the party in our neighborhood community center. The decor was a little outdated, so the cloud balloons were the perfect decoration to draw the eye away from the drab curtains and couches.

As each guest walked in, they found this table with these reversable Mario/Luigi hats that my mother-in-law and I made using a tutorial I found on coolpartyblog.com. To complete the look, I made chocolate mustaches. At the end of the table was a mirror, so they could each admire their "new look" before devouring their delicious stache!Don't these look just like Mario and Luigi's mustaches????Of course, I tried to snap a picture of each of them. Here is the birthday boy! And here is a little montage of the little Marios and Luigi's proudly sporting their hats and chocolate mustaches!
The community center had a gaming room, so we had the Wii set up and the guests played, what else, Super Mario Brothers and other Mario Wii games!
We only played one game, but the Yoshi Egg Smash was a success. I also got the idea for this game from coolpartyblog.com. Each egg was filled with confetti. Two "special eggs" also contained gold stars.
The guests took turns throwing their egg at this Yoshi poster, smashing them opening to see if their egg held the gold star. If so, they were the winner!!! The two winners won a Wii remote filled with candy. Unfortunantly, I didnt get an pictures of the kids playing the game.
I really, really wanted to make Gehrig's cake, but never, ever having worked with fondant before, I was very intimidated. So, I cheated (a little). I ordered a two-tiered cake from Mary Newell of Sweet Cakes that was merely covered in blue fondant, and I did the rest. Here is what it looked like when I picked it up.
I made the fondant from scratch and colored it myself using this tutorial/recipe. I ordered the Mario character figures on-line. And here is how it turned out!
He looked like he loved his cake, so I was thrilled! As each guest left, Gehrig gave them a Yoshi favor bag and thanked them for coming to his party! I made the Yoshi favor bags using this tutorial from coolpartyblog.com. Yes, I used this site a lot!!!! Each bag had a favor tag that read, "Thank you for making my birthday so special."
I filled the Yoshi favor bags with these adorable personalized chocolates. I purchased the choclate wrappers from E-bay seller Linda Carlton of My Treasures Today. The wrappers had various Mario images on the front and a personalized message on the back that read "Happy 5th Birthday, Gehrig!" They were super easy to wrap around the Hershey Miiniatures. I also found these Mario Kart candy dispenser for the favor bags.
And how cool are these Mario band-aids for the favor bags?????
All in all, I would say that it was a pretty succesful party. The guests and the birthday boy had a great time. So hard to believe that my little man is 5 years old already!!!
Now onto planning his little brother's Doggie Birthday Party!


Arguello Family said...

Jen, this is amazing, you are truly talented!!

Rebecca said...

WOW! Jen that cake and everything else as well was AWESOME!! What a great Mom you are! Gehrig is very lucky!

Laurin said...

WOW Jennifer.. You did an amazing job with your son's party!! :) Your son is truly blessed to have a mom like you! What a lucky kid!

Jessica Marie said...

You did an AWESOME job on that cake! Woo hoo! What an amazing looking party, super Mom!


Katie said...

i've been waiting for this post..... can't wait to see collins :-)

Angie said...

Seriously awesome Jen. You put my trip to costco to buy a cake to shame. Your boys are certainly lucky to have you as a mama!

Kim @ Frost Me! said...

What great details! I so need to include this in a Mario Party post! I can't decide if I like the chocolate mustaches, egg game or favor bags or what the most! Very creative!

Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
party inspiration

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Love it, love it! Aren't those chocolate mustaches awesome? I so wanted those for my friend's 'Stache Bash, just no time to order them. I'm so going to have to share yet another awesome party of yours!

Lauren Basden Taylor said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I fell in love. Please help me to figure out how to make those Mario/Luigi hats. Looks like that clip is no longer out there. I would really appreciate any tips, if you have time! Thanks!

- Lauren


Gesch Family said...

I sent you an email and I also fixed the link...I think her blog is under a bit of construction.

Maria said...

I am planning a Mario theme party for my nephew and would love the directions for those hats! I can't seem to find it on the cool party blog.

Would you mind emailing them to me if you still have them?

craftmom3 said...

This was amazing!! I went to the site for the hats and the bags but they don't exist. Could you please send me the instructions? I would really appreciate it!
Thanks so much!

makinzee said...

Darling Party!!! What cookie cutter did you use for the mushroom cookies? And I'd also love the Mario/Luigi hats and gift bags. And I personally can't wait to play Yoshi Eggs!! makinzeel@hotmail.com

Emma B said...

Jennifer, such cute pics! I am having a Mario party for my son in a few weeks and I would love to know how to make those hats! Do you still have the instructions? Thanks so much! Ebuchanan@gmail.com


titian said...

Your son's Mario party was awesome! We planned on a Mario pary last year but decided to put it on the shelf until this year because we celebrated the last birthday at the batting cages. Anyway, cut to this year and I found that bookmarks to cool party blog do not work any longer and I seem to have misplaced the patterns for the Yoshi bags and the Mario/Luigi hat that I had previously printed. I did find the pattern for the mushroom pouches. Would it be possible for you to email me the patterns for the hats and bags? I have searched everywhere and cannot find anything that compares to these. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Titian Wood (twood0916@gmail.com)

Elisa said...

Would you mind sharing the mario hat template? i cant find them anywhere. thanks?!! elisa.trujillo@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you know how to make those hats still? Ive been looking all over the internet and cant find the template!
Thank you so much, your birthday party looked awesome!


Ramon Family said...

You did an AWESOME job on the party! I am giving my son a Mario Party this August. Can you email me the link for the Mario/Jugi hats too!!

Ramon Family said...

Oops forgot to add email. lofterstamara@gmail.com :)

Anonymous said...

I love all your Mario party ideas! I'm having a Super Mario themed party for my son in a few weeks and was hoping you could share the mario/luigi hat template and the yoshi favor bag template? It seems as though the links no longer work. Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

I love all your Mario party ideas! I'm having a Super Mario themed party for my son in a few weeks and was hoping you could share the mario/luigi hat template and the yoshi favor bag template? It seems as though the links no longer work. Thanks so much!


Michele Rishel said...

I love your party. I too am having trouble finding the mario and luigi hats and yoshi bags templates... Could you please email them to me? Thaks so much

Klevrlady said...

Jen, you are truly amazing and talented. The cake is awesome with your personal touches. Can you help me with the mario/luigi visors and yoshi bags for my son's 5th party? Thanks.

nene Lawson said...

Do ylu still have the hat template? Do you mind sharing it? mznenel1983@gmail.com

Jen said...

The party came out amazing! I'm planning to have my sons Mario party soon and I would love if you still had the template for the yoshi loot bags I've been looking for it all over the internet and can't find them. If you don't mind sharing it please email me (msjenny.pacheco@gmail.com) I would really appreciate it!

REAL Gehrig Father 69 said...

why didn't you invite me jen? what about that magical night we shared back in college? i know you still think about me when you're in bed with him... just make sure i get an invite to MY son's next party. That's right, the last time we made love was 9 months before gehrig. and for christ's sake you named the boy after me!. im not blind jen, you cant keep me away from my son forever. the past WILL catch up to you and no matter how many parties you plan, your husband will never be that boy's father! you disgust me jennifer. Leave that bald prick and get with the real father of your son. Can't wait to be there at the next party!

REAL Gehrig Father 69 said...

Jennifer, I'm sorry about my tone in the last comment but you know i spoke from the heart. Gehrig is MY child and i just want to be there for him. I don't understand why you named him after me and then continued to sleep with that skinheaded prick! He's got about as much hair on his head as he does genetic code in my child... I demand that you let me see Gehrig immediately or i will get the courts involved. And about that other sniveling little shit you call a son, hes not mine so he can fuck off and go live with that bald douchebag. I really didnt want it to come to this, jen, but youve honestly given me no choice.

I'm serious, let me see my boy this is your final warning 😠