Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grandma Joan and Grandpa Dub Visit!!!

We were so excited to have Grandma Joan and Grandpa Dub come for a visit. As usual, they came bearing gifts. Both Gehrig and Colin LOVED their Lego sets! They arrived on Valentine's Day, so we took them to one of our favorite restaurants here in Clovis, Shogun. Colin gave us a lesson on how to use chop sticks!
Chop! Chop!
I sure hope that Joan comes back. We put her to work baking, baby sitting, making reversable Mario/Luigi hats and painting. She helped me paint Gehrig's entire room cream and then we added the red stripes to one wall (so far). Eventually this will look like baseball stitching.
We did't get to see too much of Dub because he was visiting schoosl in the area, but when he came back, he of course brought more loot. I know that he and Grandma Joan had such a great time picking out all this T-ball "gear" for Gehrig. Colin loved his Legos truck and Astros jersey.

Inside his bat bag was a bat, some baseballs, two pair of baseball pants, two batting gloves, two Under Armor shirts, socks, a belt and cleats....I think I got it all! Let's just say that he is beyond ready for T-ball.

Colin of course had to pose with his little plastic bat (and no pants).

Doesn't he look like a real ball player?????
We were so sad to see them head home, but we are looking forward to their return in April for Opening Day and Colin's 2nd birthday party. And we are really hoping that Chris gets his leave approved so that we can meet up with them in Phoenix to watch Uncle Gabe's spring training next month!!!


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