Sunday, February 7, 2010

How handsome is my date....

to the Mother/Son Ball?????? This year Gehrig accompanied me to the Mother/Son Ball at Cannon Air Force Base, but not before we had a lengthy photo shoot!
Gehrig being Gehrig!

Looking so grown up!!!!

Precious boy!!!!!!

Fire side pictures with his friend, Evan, from preschool.
What a charmer!
The tables were set so nicely!

Evan and Ms. Sharon!
Mommy and Gehrig! Balloons from the dance floor!
Evan, Ruben and Gehrig on the dance floor! Heart breakers!!!!!!!
There were lots of different fun crafts!After they finished their crafts, they thought that they were super heros!The cake! Eating cake!

Quincy, Ruben, Evan and Gehrig are all in the same preschool class. I didnt get a group picture until the end of the night. You can tell that they had been partying hard!!!

And the piece de resistance! Gehrig was all over the dance floor! I was so glad that I had my camera with me. I used up the remainder of my battery, but it was so worth it. Enjoy the smooth moves! Hilarious!!!!



Anonymous said...

Those are some seriously sweet moves!! He must take after his Unlce Goose!! :)

wareagle said...

OH MY GOSH !!!!!! Gehrig..... you are the MAN!!!!! And you and your mommy looked SO GOOD!

Katie said...

loved the dancing video.....

Rebecca said...

Looks like a lot of fun...great dancing video!