Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Colin's surgery was a success!

We praise God that little Colin's surgery went so well and with out complication. The surgery was to fix an undescended testicle and to repair a hernia. It was a really long day, but Colin was a trooper, smiling and laughing the entire time leading up to the surgery even though he hadn't eaten in over 12 hours, he had missed his morning nap, and he waited over 2 hours in a strange place! The surgery took an hour and a half, and when the doctor finally greeted us with the good news in the waiting room, we were overjoyed! We were allowed to go back and be with him after he woke up, and we remained in the recovery room with him for about 45 minutes before we were discharged. He was a little groggy and "out of it" while in the recovery room. He did wonderfully on the car ride home and took a little nap in his crib soon after. Once the pain medication set in, he was his usually happy self, just trying to keep up with his big brother. I am hoping that he get a restful nights sleep tonight. (Even though as I write this, he has already woken up, ready for his second round of pain medication.)
We are so grateful to everyone who prayed for our little guy today and supported us with your warm words of encouragement. Thank you so much!

Hanging out in the morning having a little family time before the surgery.

On the car ride to the hospital. He was allowed to have a little water as long as it wasn't two hours prior to the surgery.

He was so happy playing in the waiting room for 2 hours. He had no idea what lay ahead for him!

In the room preparing for the procedure.

The bubbles kept him really entertained while we signed paper work.

All ready to go. At this point we kissed him good-bye and he headed off for anesthesia. We didn't see him again until he woke up.

On the car ride home....he looks a little "beat down," doesn't he?

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It's a "Grand" Time for the Geschs! said...

Through it all he was such a sweet cute boy it appears! I know big brother was happy to see him later in the day and be reassured that his "bro bro" was ok! The pictures are adorable.. what a sweet family. Love, Grandma Joan