Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Moment we have all been waiting for!

When Gehrig woke up and placed his last star on his calendar, he knew that it could only mean one thing! DADDY WOULD BE HOME TODAY!

So, we did a few last minute preparations in anticipation for his return. We made his favorite Oreo dessert, we hung up the banner and we bought some red, white and blue welcome home balloons.

All that was left to do was wait. Gehrig devised a plan to surprise Daddy. When he heard the garage door open, he hid behind a chair, and when the door opened, he jumped out and yelled, "SURPRISE!!!!!!" I don't don't know who was more surprised, Gehrig or Daddy!

Our family is back together again! YAY!

Daddy brought home with him a couple of his classmates who were making their way to Las Vegas. We loved having Mr. Steve and Mr. Rob with us. Can you tell that it had been a long two-day road trip from San Antonio to Tucson?????


It's a "Grand" Time for the Geschs! said...

So So glad Daddy is home and all you are back together!! Enjoy your time together! Love, Grandma Joan P.S. The boys did a GREAT job on the banner!!

Jo Marie said...

I know you are all so glad to have daddy at home!! Have fun!
Love, Aunt Jo