Thursday, May 21, 2009

I was featured!!!!!

Well, not me personally, but Colin's Ocean "One"derland Birthday Party (see earlier post). I was so pleasantly surprised and honored that websites that I had spent hours browsing and gawking over for party ideas wanted to feature my little party!

His party first appeared on Michelle's wonderful site, Everyday Celebrating, a site dedicated to helping you "celebrate the fabulous every day happenings in life." I first discovered her web page when planning Gehrig's 4th birthday party. I fell in love with the air plane party that she threw her son, Keaton. She generously shared her template for the ticket invitations and even designed a logo for Gehrig Air! Anyway, she has since featured Colin's Ocean "One"derland party. Head over and check it out!

Then, I was informed that Colin's Party was featured on One Pretty Thing. It links back to Everyday Celebrating, but I still thought that it was cool to see my little whale pods there amongst some amazing party pictures.

And finally, just yesterday, Colin's Ocean "One"derland party was featured on Design Dazzle, a site that features designs and decorating ideas for babies, kids and teens. Right now it is Party week at Design Dazzle, so if you are planning a party and are in need of some inspiration, head on over and check it out.

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wareagle said...

Good for you, Jennifer! Glad to see your hard work recognized! Grandma Joan